How to Decide If You’re Ready to Pursue Blogging Full-Time

Deciding if you’re ready to leave the corporate world to start blogging full-time shouldn’t be a quick or easy decision. The freelance lifestyle isn’t suited for everyone. To be a success, you must have discipline, hustle, and sheer determination.

So, how do you know if you’re ready to take the leap? What can you do to set yourself up for success? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you decide to risk it all:

What is your blog actually about?

Are people actually interested in what you write about? Does what you’re writing provide value to you audience? Does your blog have a primary focus? (Remember, the more niche your vertical, the less competition you’ll have from other bloggers in the same space… but you’ll also have a much smaller pool to pull your audience from.)

My Advice: Your blog should reflect your lifestyle and who you are as a person. The primary focus of your blog should be clear and of interest to your audience. Every post should attempt to provide value to the reader.

How to Decide If You're Ready to Pursue Blogging Full-Time
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Do you have other social channels to promote your blog?

Growing your brand online isn’t as simple as just having a website anymore. A lot of traffic can be driven to your blog through social channels like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. If you aren’t already utilizing these channels, you should be! They are a great way to showcase your photography/videography skills, gage trends, and determine what topics your audience enjoy most.

My Advice: This is a no-brainer! Make sure all of your social channels are consistent with your blog name so you are easy to find. Use these channels to promote your planned posts as well as engage with your audience to create more loyal readers.

Do you have savings/know how to properly budget?

Leaving a steady paycheck is not an easy pill to swallow. In the freelance world you have no control over what business comes in, only on what goes out. If you don’t understand how to properly budget, blogging may not be for you. Some months you may not have any paid work, and some months it may feel like it’s literally raining money. You must be disciplined and know how to keep a sense of balance.

My Advice: If you plan to leave your full-time job completely, have at least three months of rent and expenses saved before you quit. This will give you some sort of security if you have a slow month.

How to Decide If You're Ready to Pursue Blogging Full-Time
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Blogging can be a liberating and lucrative career choice if you have what it takes to stay committed to your craft. If you feel like you can answer these questions and you’re at the point where you could financially make it month-to-month as a full-time blogger, full steam ahead!

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