Marketing Effectiveness Study: The Unique Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channels and a core part of many brand marketing budgets. One of the biggest questions our team and other marketers ask is: “how does influencer marketing fit into the marketing mix?”

With this challenge, we set out to prove how influencer marketing adds value, particularly in comparison to video ads—either a 30-second television spot or a digital pre-roll ad— a classic staple in the marketing mix and another form of brand marketing. 

We’re proud to share the findings after #paid partnered with Nielsen Consumer Insights.

Inside our Nielsen Research study, you will uncover insights into:

  • How TV commercials can drive top of funnel awareness and brand recall
  • Influencer marketing key benefits in driving consideration and purchase intent
  • Reasons why consumers enjoy influencer marketing content
  • Our marketing metrics scorecard for both TV and influencer marketing creative
  • How to pair TV and influencer marketing together

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