Why You Would/Wouldn’t Need a Talent Manager

A big step in a content creator’s career is deciding whether or not you need a talent manager. There are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before making this choice and deciding whether you are at the right point in your career to have a manager. Having a talent manager can definitely elevate your growth, but knowing when it is the right time to have one is key. Read further for some of the best questions to ask yourself about whether or not you need a talent manager:

Why you would/wouldn't need a talent manager
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1. How many collaboration opportunities are getting emailed to you on a weekly/monthly basis?

This is probably one of the biggest factor that influences a content creator to think about getting a talent manager. If your inbox is being flooded with collaboration opportunities, and you feel like you can’t get to all of them in between planning, shoots, editing, possibly a full-time/part-time job, then maybe it would help to have a talent manager. The great thing is, they will receive all of those emails and be able to sort through which ones would be a great fit for you, while also being able to handle all of the emailing back and forth! This allows you to focus on your creativity and building up your content rather than stressing about the email side of things. But, if you are only getting a couple collaboration inquiries a week, you need to ask yourself whether this is something you can handle on your own because there is a cost to having a manager (we talk about this next)!

2. Are you earning enough profit from these collaborations to provide a percentage of these earnings to a talent manager?
You may be getting a lot of collaborations, but you do need to be honest with yourself about how much you are earning from these projects. A talent manager usually takes a cut from each collaboration as a payout for the work they provided in helping you delegate and organize them all. So, asking yourself whether you are in a good financial position to be forking out that profit towards a talent manager is a huge question you need to ask yourself. Is their help worth the cut in profits from the collaborations?

Why you would/wouldn't need a talent manager
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3. How do you feel about negotiating with brands/clients on your own?
A lot of content creators either really enjoy the negotiation process and having that control, or others really don’t like it at all. The great thing about being a content creator is that you are—hopefully—doing what you love and are very passionate about it. If the constant emailing and negotiations take that passion away from you and you kind of dread the process, then maybe it is a good idea for you to get a talent manager to handle this side of the business for you.

4. Do you feel like you are unable to contact/reach certain brands you want to work with?
Are you at the point in your career where you are getting great collaboration opportunities, although, there are still bigger brands you feel like you just can’t contact? Having a talent manager can often open doors to brands you may not have had the chance to work with without this manager. If you find a great manager, they usually have great connections and clients they have worked with in the past that can lead to opportunities that you may have always dreamed of! This is why choosing the right talent agency is also a big choice, where having agents who are experienced will make all the difference in your growth.

Why you would/wouldn't need a talent manager
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5. Do you feel like you just need more time to be creative? Then you might need a talent manager.
Feeling overwhelmed? With emails, negotiations, invoices, setting up dates & times, each definitely takes up a lot of time in your day, which could instead be spent being creative & planning your next big shoot idea. Really taking the time to ask yourself how much more time you feel you need to focus on the creative side of things is a big question to ask yourself. According to a survey conducted by germin8, 62% of respondents said they follow influencers solely because of the content they create. Especially in such a saturated industry, having the time to focus on creating quality content will be the key to your success. Thinking about this could definitely dictate whether or not having more time for creativity and getting a talent manager seems like the right decision for you!

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Natalie is a fashion/lifestyle influencer and freelance social media manager from downtown Toronto. You will most likely spot her shopping for the latest street-style trends or walking in the city with her mini wiener dog, Louie. On Instagram, she goes by @natalie.alysa. Natalie is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.